86-100 Namiiwa, Hiratobashi-cho, Toyota
Special Exhibition
Soetsu Yanagi:
 Trajectory of His Collection

  −Focusing on the Crafts of Japan−


Soetsu Yanagi (1889-1961) established the Japan Folk Crafts Museum in Komaba, Tokyo at age 47 in 1936. Yanagi is known as the discoverer of the beauty of folk crafts, everyday objects made by unnamed craftspeople. In addition to his role as the founder of the folk-crafts movement, he is a person difficult to describe in a single word with interests ranging from art enthusiast to religious philosopher, thinker and art critic. The Japan Folk Crafts Museum collection has served as a mecca of the folk-crafts movement since its founding with a core of old pieces that should serve as models for new folk crafts. This personal collection of Yanagi dates to before the conceptualization of “folk-crafts” and is characterized by its breadth and range for a single curator. This exhibition is a recomposition of the exhibition planned to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the establishment of the Japan Folk Crafts Museum last year. More than just seeing Yanagi as the father of the folk-crafts movement, through the collection we can observe his lifelong pursuit of faith and beauty as a collector with about 250 Japanese pieces showing a clear progression through the years of the trajectory of his collection.

From left : Otsu-e − Sumo (Partial) Edo Period (Collected during the Taisho Period)
Higashi Kogin (Partial) Tsugaru Region − Meiji Period (Collected 1927 to 1929)
Kshitigarbha Statues (Partial) Mokujiki Myoman − Edo Period 1801 (Collected 1924)
Glazed Terracotta Cow − Chinese Tang Period 7th Century 17.5×28.0×9.3cm [Collected 1915 to 1918]
Gangu Stone − Late Jomon Period Around 800 B.C. 15.9×19.3×5.2cm [Collected 1958]
Nezumishino Bowl − Mino − Edo Period 17th Century 9.2×30.2cm [Collected 1920s]
Shushu Monogatari by Soetsu Yanagi, 1956
Gendai Nihon Mingei-ten at the Japan Folk Crafts Museum Old Square taken 1941
Poetry − Yanagi Kana − Yugaminagaramo − Kazenomanimani  (Note of Authenticity from Soetsu Yanagi on the storage box of Nezumishino Bowl (Photo 3)
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