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The guide of 2018 Exhibition
We open the exhibition for understanding of aesthetic value of handwork and folk craft.
We will sincerely wait for coming to the museum.

Special Exhibition 
Folk Toys: Showcasing Western Japan

Dates June 5(Tue)−September 24 (Mon/public holiday), 2018
Venue Daini Mingeikan
Time 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Closed Mondays
Open July 16, September 17, and September 24
Admission Free
Description Japan is home to a wide variety of folk toys, including papier-ma^che´ figures made by pressing layers of paper onto a mold, kites made by stretching paper across a bamboo or other frame, clay dolls or ceramic bells made from painted earth, the famed kijiguruma (or kijiuma) wooden pull toys of the Kyushu region, and many more. Each toy is lovingly crafted to bring joy and good luck to the children they are designed for. Our latest exhibit features an extensive folk toy collection of some 400 pieces from 24 prefectures, sorted according to their respective regions (Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu, and Okinawa). Visitors will delight in the rustic charm of these crafts, each featuring materials and ingenious techniques native to their particular region.
Also showing Folk Toys: Showcasing Western Japan  June 9(Sat)-
Venue:Daiichi Mingeikan  Admission : Free

Related events

Gallery talk (curator-guided tour)

Date/Time July8(Sun) -August 19 (Sun) 2PM-, 2018
Venue Daini Mingeikan
Admission Free
Capacity 20 (no reservation required)

Hands-on folk toy experience (during the exhibition period)

Venue Daini Mingeikan
Admission Free

Papier-ma^che´ tiger decorating workshop

Details See papier-ma^che´ tigers from around Japan and then decorate your own 12-cm swing-headed tiger from Kagawa Prefecture with acrylic paints!
Date/Time July 29(Sun) PM1-3
Cost ¥1,500
Target Open to children age 6 and up (limited to 20 participants)
Venue Daisan Mingeikan
Application To sign up, fill out a postcard with attached reply card (include the name of the workshop, participant’s name, child’s age (if under 15), address, and phone number) and ensure that it arrives by Thursday, July 12.

Kijiuma decorating workshop

Use acrylic paints or colored pens
to decorate a 15-cm wooden pull toy from Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto
Date/Time August 28(Tue)−September 24 (Mon/public holiday)
Start between 10 AM and 3 PM (workshop closes at 4 PM)
Venue Daisan Mingei-kan
Cost ¥800
Another No advance reservations necessary (limited to 100 participants)

Upcoming exhibit
Special exhibit: ShikoMunakata and YanagiSoetsu

October 6(Sat)−December 16 (Sun) (tickets required)

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