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The guide of 2018 Exhibition
We open the exhibition for understanding of aesthetic value of handwork and folk craft.
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Special Exhibition 
Shiko Munakata and Soetsu Yanagi

Dates October 6, 2018 (Sat) through December 16, 2018 (Sun)
Time 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Closed Mondays
Admission General admission: ¥300 / University or high school students: ¥200 (free for younger students, seniors age 70 and over, Toyota City residents, those attending high school in Toyota City, and persons with disabilities)
Description ShikoMunakata (1903−1975) is an internationally renowned woodblock print artist. He was born in Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture, but moved to Tokyo to pursue his artistic career. Ultimately, he would spend his entire life working in printmaking. Munakata first met SoetsuYanagi (1889−1961), founder of the Japan Folk Crafts Museum in Komaba, Tokyo, in April of 1936 at a Kokugakai event. Yanagi decided to buy prints of Munakata’sYamato shiUruwashi on the spot, and ended up advising and supervising his later work. Six months later, when Yanagi opened the Japan Folk Crafts Museum, he decided to cover an entire wall of the museum’s main exhibition room with a new piece from Munakata titled Kegompu. Munakata revered Yanagi as a lifelong teacher. Every time he finished a piece, he would bring it to Yanagi to get his opinion―and even if Yanagi ordered him to redo it, Munakata would quietly do as he was told. Meanwhile, Yanagi would ardently propose ways to mount Munakata’s work so it could be shown in its best light.
These and other interactions between the two men were preserved in a series of letters, which reveal a deep and trusting student-teacher relationship. In evaluating Munakata’s work, Yanagi wrote, “There are forces greater than yourself at your back, forces that I feel are pushing you to do your work.” (Munakata and Me 1958). Given that Yanagi believed that the path to creating beautiful works of art was rooted in the Buddhist concept of tariki, or success through divine grace, this can be considered his highest praise.
This exhibition is a reconfigured version of the one held at the Japan Folk Crafts Museum between January and March of this year. It showcases some of the classic Munakata pieces that met with Yanagi’s approval from the time Munakata met him until his passing 25 years later (many of the works were mounted by Yanagi and are thus a collaboration between teacher and student). The collection includes Hannyashingyo-kyomon-hangasaku, recently exhibited at the Japan Folk Crafts Museum for the first time in decades, as well as letters between the two men―almost all of which are being shown publicly for the first time. The overall effect is to showcase the charms of Munakata’s work while offering a deeper look at the student-teacher relationship as well as ways in which their thinking diverged.

Related events

Commemorative talk

Date October 27 (Saturday) 2:00 PM−3:30 PM
Venue Mingeikan No. 3
Speaker Yoriko Ishii (ShikoMunakata scholar and curator)
Admission Free (does require a current admission ticket to the museum)
Capacity 50 (no reservations required)

Teatime Munakata appreciation event

Date and Time October 28 (Sunday) (1) 11 AM−12 PM (2) 2 PM−3 PM
Details Join Munakata scholar (and granddaughter) Yoriko Ishii for tea using some of Munkakata’s favorite items (teacups, dishes, and snacks). This is a casual event.
Venue Toyota City Folk Craft Museum (Kanoteiryurei tearoom)
Admission ¥2,000
Capacity 12 in each timeslot (reservations required)
Target Ages 12 and up
For reservations Send a postcard with attached reply card (must arrive by Tuesday, October 16).

Mingei bus tour (reservations required) 

Date and Time Thursday, November 15 (scheduled for 8 AM−3 PM)
Details Learn about the Japanese paper traditions of Gifu and Aichi prefectures. Tour an automated Mino-washi papermaking plant as well as a washi studio where the paper is made by hand. Includes free time to stroll an up-and-coming neighborhood and enjoy lunch on your own.
Admission ¥1,600 (Includes museum admission (¥1,450), materials (¥50), and insurance (¥100). The bus is free of charge.)
Capacity 28 (reservations required)
For reservations Send a postcard with reply card attached (must arrive by Tuesday, October 30)
Additional notes Not open to children 6 and under.

Gallery talk (exhibition guide by the curator)

Date and Time Sunday, November 25 (starts at 2 PM)
Meeting location Mingeikan No. 1
Admission Free (does require a current admission ticket to the museum)
Capacity 20 (First-come, first-serve. No advance reservations required.)

Note: If you would like to participate in the teatimeMunakataappreciationevent or the Mingei bus tour, you must reserve your spot in advance by sending us a postcard with a reply card attached. On the back of the original postcard, write the name of the lecture or teatime event, the timeslot (first or second), your name (and the school year of any participating children), your address, and phone number. Postcards must arrive at the museum by the deadline. Up to two can register per postcard.

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